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1) Supplements:

* Based on your lab results and the physical nutritional assessment,  we can detect and recognize vitamins and mineral deficiencies.  

*You can order the recommended vitamins and minerals through companies with top quality supplements.

* We can recommend digestive enzymes for digestive issues.

* We advise probiotics to balance gut bacteria and repair leaky gut.

2) Botanicals:

* There are so many botanicals with medicinal properties.  

* These botanicals have little to no adverse side effects compared to pharmaceutical medications.  

* Botanicals can help with hormonal imbalances, lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, and many other conditions.

3) Detoxification:

* If you are suffering from fatigue, hormonal imbalances, irritability, brain fog, and even high blood pressure, you may need to detoxify from toxins in your body. 

* Through detoxification, you can slowly get rid of the built up toxins to gain  more energy, clearer mental health, and a well-balanced body and mind.